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We're commited to help you get the job done in the most eficient way and the least amount of time. The following are examples of the equipment in our facilities that has helped our customers solve their problems.


mining equipment

Need to Keep your Equipment Clean? The Hotsy HSS Series is for You.

Hotsy HSS Series hot water pressure washers (diesel engine/diesel burner systems) are used in the mining industry due to the fact that they don’t require the use/storage of gasoline.


The HSS Series are very large, heavy duty pressure washers producing 8-10 gpm at 2500 psi. 


Click here to view a description of the HSS series


The Super Skid HSS series models are rated for continuous use and are ideal for heavy duty cleaning.


For underground mining, the Hotsy HWE Series is preferred because it heats the water electrically. This means no gas fumes from engines or diesel burner systems.



Click here to view a description of the HWE Series



Have a Fleet of Veicles that Always Need to Sparkle? The Hotsy 1700 Series Will Be your Best Friend.

All FLEET vehicle type companies (taxi, delivery etc.) can utilize the Hotsy 1700 Series with our Reverse Osmosis (RO) system.


The 1700 Series offers the most reliable stationary, electric-powered, cold water pressure washer.


Because of its lower mineral content, reverse osmosis water is advantageous, not only to prevent water spotting on veicles, but to conserve and recycle water within the wash/pre-rinse cycles.


Here at Az Cleaning Equipment we can construct most any type of wash bay cleaning system.


Click here to learn more about our Car Wash Systems

Power washed kitchen



Your clients need a spotless kitchen day in and day out? At 1300psi, the Hotsy 555ss is perfect for the job.

Contract cleaners like the medium size Hotsy gas engine series. These powerful yet portable hot water systems provide up to 3500 psi and 4 gpm. 


For large heavy duty cleaning, contract cleaners love the Hotsy 1200 Series – utilizing the Honda 20 hp engine and Hotsy pumps.


Contract cleaners that clean restaurant kitchens & oven hoods utilize the Hotsy 555SS model, because it provides hot water at 1300 psi and runs off a 120 volt electric motor, making it a very quiet pressure washer.Most kitchen cleaning is done between 2:00 am and 6:00 am. 


We also carry the best kitchen / hood cleaning degreaser in the industry – Miracle Wizz.


Click here to view our detergents section

farming equipment wash

Want your produce to always meet the highest quality standards? Equip your facility with Hotsy pressure washers.


A facility that's equiped with any of the powerful Hotsy models will see increased productivity. The many applications pressure washers have in the farming industry makes them indispensaible tools.


One example is sanitation, which plays a very important role in the quality of products as well as safety in the work environment. Pressure washing is one of the most efficient and environmentally safe ways to ensure a company is maintaining the highest hygiene standards.


Using a Hotsy pressure washer not only speeds up the cleaning process for farmers but provides far greater cleaning strength.


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