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Recycle and reuse wash water for greater efficiency.


  • Hydro Engineering > Pads & Filtration
  • Western Water Products > Filtration systems
  • Vacuum Boom > water capture, pump, and filtrate
  • Sales & service greater Phoenix Arizona area

Preparation & Installation - City of Apache Junction

Ground preparation and installation of Hydro Pads with Hydro Engineering H7000 filtration and Hotsy 5700 Series hot water pressure washer - City of Apache Junction, maintenance facility.

Hydro Pads and filtration system at the City of Apache Junction Maintenance Yard  - 32' long x 12' wide with 4' walls , gutter, and ramps.  This system captures the waste water, pumps it through the filtration system (6 different filter processes) and reuses the water through the Hotsy pressure washer.

Hyrdo Engineering Pads and Filtration System - Empire, Eloy AZ

Hydro Engineering Pads and filtration system at Empire, Eloy Arizona. Complete system includes pads, ramps, walls, gutters, demucking sprayer, filtration system, and pressure washer.

This system captures the wash water and filtrates it to be used over and over again!

Vacu-Boom Systems

Vacu-Boom - portable dam and vacuum system. Collects the spent wash water - pumps water to tank or to recycle filter system.  Comes in 20' or 40' lengths and either 101 CFM or 202 CFM pumps.  Other sizes and configurations available



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